About Me

Hey guys! Welcome to CookWithChefEitan.com!

My name is Eitan Bernath and I am seriously into food. If you ever go looking for me, you will probably find me with some food in my hands.  Currently, I am a sixteen year old food blogger, food photographer, recipe developer and all around foodie! And oh yeah, I go to high school. I live in Bergen County, New Jersey with my brother and parents.   My favorite room is the kitchen where I am regularly whipping up ethnic food so my cooking is full of spices and unique flavor.

At a very young age, I developed my love for food and cooking. I quickly realized I much rather be in the kitchen than anywhere else. Though cooking was only a hobby, at eleven years old I had the amazing opportunity to compete on “Chopped” on the Food Network which changed my life forever.  I never saw it coming but “Chopped” is what turned my passion for cooking into my career. Within a short time after its airing, I was hired to do cooking demos all over the Tri-state area, won an award, and even cooked on live television. Though we all thought the excitement over my appearance on “Chopped” would eventually die down….it never did.  It is three years later and I am still as busy as ever.  I am a firm believer that your age does not define what you can accomplish, just how long you’ve had to accomplish it. 

Soon after my appearance on the Food Network, I started my food blog, CookWithChefEitan.com, as a hobby and as a way to share my culinary adventures with my growing followers. Then after a year of periodic posts, I challenged myself to start posting new recipes on a weekly basis. It was a great decision that has resulted in many more opportunities for me. I constantly am working on my blog and have teamed up with over 10 of my favorite companies.  I am honored to have created recipes with their cool products. 

An unexpected but cool result of my food blogging is that I have gotten really into food photography. The science and art of photography has become my second passion. Along with cooking, it is now a skill that I am constantly striving to learn more about.  I have worked with several companies, taking photos for their websites and print ads which is work I am very proud of. 

So as you can gather, I am an all around foodie. If you make any of my recipes or have more questions about food, cooking, food photography, food blogging, or anything else, feel free to message me. Being a teenager, I am on my phone practically all day so you can contact me on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. I would be happy to answer your questions! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy what you see!