Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks (Fall 2016)


It’s time that I show you all my current top five favorite cookbooks! I have been getting tons of cookbooks in the mail recently. It’s basically like Chanukah every time the mail man drops a package off! Aside from checking out all the actually recipes, my favorite part is to look at all the amazing food photography. All of the pictures inspire me for my own photography. So I decided to put together a list of my favorites and share them with you.


Zahav by Michael Solomon – Order On: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

This book just won the James Beard Cookbook Award…need I say more? Yes, yes I do. If you ever decide to really dive into the world of true Israeli cooking then you first step should be to read this book cover to cover. (Which I have any times!) The cookbook is full of not only the amazing recipes but mouthwatering pictures that make the recipe come alive. You really need this book on your cookbook shelf!


Guy Fieri Family Food by Guy Fieri – Order On: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

When I heard that my main man, Guy Fieri, was doing a book signing for his new book a new blocks away from my school, I knew I had to go! I was super pumped to meet my idol for the second time! It was so cool seeing him again. He even remembered who I was. The best part of meeting him again was that I was finally able to tell him about being on Chopped and my whole cooking career. 

You gotta check out this book! Its full of truly hilarious narratives, great family tested recipes, and off the hook food photography! This book is just my type!


The New Kosher by Kim Kushner – Order On: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Kim belive in the simplicity of food. She believes that if you start with fresh, seasonal ingredients, you don’t need to do too much to them to make an amazing tasting meal. Kim has a very interesting background. She grew up in a modern Orthodox community in Montreal cooking alongside her mother, who was born in Morocco and raised in Israel. She later got a classical culinary education at ICE in Manhattan. The New Kosher is full of just that, seasonal fresh recipes that will wow guests at your table!


Sweet Noshings by Amy Kritzer – Order On: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

I am the type of person that always, and I mean ALWAYS, decide to make a dessert last minute. Whether it’s right before Shabbos, a holiday, or before I’m about to go to a friend’s, I feel the sudden urge to make a dessert for the occasion. So it’s great to add another dessert book to my bookshelf! My food blogging friend, Amy Kritzer just released her first cookbook! I got to attend the book launch party in NYC a few weeks ago which was lots of fun.  Amy spoke so well and her samples were delicious.  Amy’s book is full of great recipes for desserts for any occasion!


Our Table by Renee Muller – Order On: Amazon

I have probably looked through this cookbook a few million times, no joke! The food photography and styling in this cookbook is out of this world! Each picture just makes be want to jump right through the picture and eat the food. I really love how Renee styled each picture to make the food told a story. It’s something not easy to do with food. So you might want to order two copies so you can hang some of the pictures around you house, just saying!


Alright, now that Ive showed you all my top five favorite cookbooks right now, I can’t just let you read this without giving some away. So head over to my Instagram -> @chefeitanbernath <- for the details about how you can win one of these beautiful cookbooks!

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